Become a Member

How do I become a member of St. John's Lutheran Church?

  • If you are a member at another LCMS congregation, then a simple transfer of membership is requested form that congregation.

  • If you have been confirmed in a Lutheran church (not LCMS) then you are received through a Reaffirmation of Faith.

  • If you are a member of a non-Lutheran church, then you are asked to attend Adult Confirmation with the Pastor.

  • If you have never been baptized, then the Adult Confirmation will conclude with your baptism into the family of God.

If you​ would like you can go ahead and fill out one of our Family Record Forms,

You may ask the Church Office for a paper form, or fill out the google form below:

Family Record Form

If you have any questions about this process,

feel free to contact the church office at



Confirmation Class is taught by Pastor Bersche. Students are typically in seventh and eighth grade, however we also offer a Pre-Confirmation Class to fifth & sixth grade. 

Students will learn the Six Chief teachings of Christianity; namely The Ten Commandments, The Apostle’s Creed, The Lord’s Prayer, Baptism, Office of the Keys, and The Lord’s Supper. These classes are mandatory for communicant membership as the Bible teaches that anyone who eats or drinks of the Lord’s Supper without understanding eats and drinks judgment upon themselves (1 Cor. 11:27). Adults are also given these classes but in a different structure. The main texts used are the Holy Bible and Luther’s Small Catechism